Great Balls of Fire!
starring Linda Gentille

Great Balls of Fire, “Legends of the Piano” stars world renowned piano entertainer Linda Gentille. The show is a multi media show that details the life, music and recordings of the great piano legends of our time. This includes Billy Joel, Elton John, Liberace, Fats Waller, Little Richard, Roger Williams, Floyd Cramer, Barry Manilow, Stevie Wonder and Victor Borge.

Linda's unique entertainment style enthralls audiences world wide. She has unique arrangements of all these great artists. The show includes a 3 piece band which accompanies Linda throughout the performance.

The spectacular multi media video clips will allow the audience to fully appreciate the life and accomplishments of these great artists. The clips take the audience on a chronological ride through their rise to piano stardom!

The show is perfect for theaters from 200-3000 seats and requires a screen and video projection system. The show can be performed without the multi-media presentation but is far more effective if included. This is a show which does not require high tech equipment. A grand piano in working condition, 4 microphones, 4 monitors and a good working sound system fit for the theater size is acceptable. For more information on the show and pricing, please call
1 (212) 268-6969.

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